October 7-8, 2017 - Kyiv, Ukraine

Online Media Guru (OMG)

is the educational conference on digital media
and online journalism
Conference highlights: online media launching and monetization; social media; content production and role of video in the media; online journalism.
Online Media Guru (OMG)* is the educational conference on digital media and online journalism
for those who want to learn more about how to create and develop digital media or how successfully work
in online journalism.
*MastersHub project
days of lectures and unique knowledge
top-speakers from leading online media
400 +
visitors and professional networking

5 reasons to visit OMG
Unique knowledge
You will receive profound knowledge from top media experts on how to organize successfully online media and make it profitable as well as how to create exciting content that will definitely attract readers and viewers.
The online media market shows intense growth year by year. Social media generated revenue of $ 30 billion in 2015. LADbible, for example, earns more than $ 1 million per year only in social media. The average salary of a copywriter in BuzzFeed is about $3500. So why not to try it out?
You will have an opportunity to make useful acquaintances and contacts, share your experiences or discuss current ideas and maybe even to start or join project. You will be able to find loyal customers and partners for your organization. Professionals will share their experience and spend time effectively.

We provide an opportunity to make an introductory visit or to have internship to leading media of our speakers to get first-hand experience.
Convenient location
The conference will be held on weekends in the downtown of Kyiv, in the business and cultural center «Ukrainian House», which will give you the opportunity to effectively plan your time and not to break away from the main employment.

For partnerships / sponsorship please email mastershubua@gmail.com
Kyiv, Ukraine

Cell: +38 067 324 05 59
E-mail: mastershubua@gmail.com

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